Island Case Attendant

The Island Case Attendant is responsible for maintaining attractively full and fresh displays of self-serve deli products. Complete customer satisfaction is what we strive for and is your single most important function. It takes priority over all other daily duties. Therefore, whenever you can be of any help to a customer, be sure to assist in any way you can. Graciously greet customers as opportunities arise. Keep the island cases full and attractive throughout your shift. Packages, labels and displays self-serve products for deli customers. Strictly serves only safe, wholesome foods.
Works to maintain island cases which are fresh, full and attractively displayed as well as stocked in a timely fashion. Maintains an outstanding island case appearance continually throughout their shift. Follow established cleaning and sanitizing practices as outlined by your Manager, including using latex gloves when handling ready-to-eat foods.
Closely follow established ordering, transferring and spec procedures.
Offer a wide selection of best sellers and new items to keep good flow of product movement and maintain customer interest.
Insure all chilled foods are kept out of the danger zone by minimizing the amount of time product is out of refrigeration and checking temperatures with a calibrated thermometer.
Maintain an appropriate amount of back stock of prepackaged products that are ready to put out for purchase.
Mark all products with made-on or opened-on dates as well as a use-by date and your initials.
Help out in other areas of the kitchen and deli which may include answering the phone, help with service deli, etc.
Follow established guidelines as it relates to proper sampling expectations.
Maintain accurate records of daily movement and all other reference materials.
Other duties as assigned.

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Don't Be Fooled

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